IEEE Transactions on Haptics Special Session

Monday, April 11, 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m., Ormandy Ballroom
Session Chairs: Lynette Jones and Cagatay Basdogan

  • On Frictional Forces between the Finger and a Textured Surface during Active Touch
    M. Janko, R. Primerano and Y. Visell
  • The Effects of Fluidic Loading on Underwater Contact Sensing with Robotic Fins and Beams
    J. C. Kahn and J. L. Tangorra
  • Multiple Fingers - One Gestalt
    A. Lezkan, S. G. Manuel, J. E. Colgate, R. Klatzky, M. A. Peshkin and K. Drewing
  • The Effect of Trial-by-trial Adaptation on Conflicts in Haptic Shared Control for Free-Air Teleoperation Tasks
    A. W. de Jonge, J. G. W. Wildenbeest, H. Boessenkool and  D. A. Abbink

The papers selected for this session were chosen to highlight the exceptional research published in the IEEE Transactions on Haptics and to represent the broad range of research areas published by the journal. The papers were chosen from those that were due to be published in the journal in 2016, and that had received very positive reviews. An additional requirement was that the journal paper had not been presented previously at a conference.