Submission Categories

Since its inception in 1992, HAPTICS has maintained the single-track format in order to promote the mutual understandings and collaborations among our attendees of highly interdisciplinary backgrounds. However, reflecting the growth of haptics, we are making big changes this year to better accommodate the ever-increasing submissions of technical papers and hand-on demonstrations. All accepted technical papers will be presented in dual-track podium sessions that do not overlap with demo sessions. We also introduce a new track of paper submissions, Work-in-Progress (WIP) papers, which emphasize the novelty of work. These improvements are in line with the changes made at WHC 2015 (a joint conference between HAPTICS and Eurohaptics Conference), which were very well received by the attendees.

In 2016 HAPTICS, we solicit original, high-quality submissions that are relevant to all the scientific, technological, and application aspects of haptics in the following four forms:

Examples of the fundamental scientific and technological areas include:

  • Haptic interactions and their design
  • Psychophysics and perception
  • Biomechanics and motor control
  • Haptic device design and dynamics
  • Haptic rendering and modeling
  • Control system design and analysis
  • Systems and networks involving haptic interactions
  • Touch and force sensing
  • Human-robot interactions involving touch
  • Robotic tactile exploration and recognition

Promising applications of haptics in the following fields are also encouraged:

  • Consumer products
  • Education
  • Entertainment and games
  • Rehabilitation and health
  • Art and music
  • Collaboration
  • Computer-aided design and prototyping
  • Skill training and guidance
  • Simulation and data visualization
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Emerging applications

Any questions about technical papers and WIP papers can be addressed to the conference co-chairs at

Any questions about demonstrations can be addressed to the demos, posters, and exhibits co-chairs (

We also seek applications to organize workshops and tutorials on fundamental and emerging topics in haptics. Workshops and tutorials will take place independently from the rest of the technical program. For more information, please contact the workshop and tutorial co-chairs via

Applications for industrial exhibits are also valuable contributions. The demos, posters, and exhibits co-chairs ( will gladly respond to any inquiries.

Further details about the submissions will be made available later.