Hands-on demonstrations

HAPTICS strongly encourages demonstrations of all kinds - for example, of novel developments in haptics-related devices, software or experiments which are of interest to the conference audience. Authors of accepted papers are welcome to apply for demonstration space to support their presentation. Demonstrations must be free of commercial content; companies wishing to showcase products should apply for exhibitor status.

Those interested in presenting a hands-on demonstration must submit a proposal no later than February 9, 2016. Each proposal must include a 100-word abstract and a square image that can be used in the conference digest. The digest image should be square aspect ratio and at least 900 pixels by 900 pixels, in JPEG or PNG format, with a file size less than 2 MB.

We also highly recommend that presenters submit a supplemental video. These videos may be used in the demo review process. In addition, videos will be used for promotional purposes at the conference, and select videos will be considered for the community's YouTube channel. When submitting a video, please follow these guidelines: format (mpeg, 4m, mp4), length (up to 30 seconds), resolution (at least 480p progressive scan), and file size (up to 80 MB).

Key Dates

  • January 1, 2016 – Demo submissions open
  • February 9, 2016 – Demo submission deadline
  • February 19, 2016 – Demo acceptance notification

Submission Method

  • Please submit requests for demos by email to dpe@hapticssymposium.org. The email must include:​
    • A list of first and last names of authors. Please indicate the name of the primary author.
    • The title of your hands-on demonstration.
    • A 100-word abstract describing your hands-on demonstration.
    • A square image that can be used in the conference digest (see requirements above).
    • Any special considerations that the DPE chairs should be aware of.
  • It is also highly recommended that authors submit a supplemental video (see above for details). If you choose to submit a video, please include in your email a URL link to your video file. The DPE chairs will download the video from the provided URL. The video file should not be located on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Instead, please store your video file in a way that it can be downloaded via a link. Please do not attach your video to your email.

Review Process

  • Submissions will be reviewed by the Demos, Posters & Exhibits Co-Chairs to ensure the demos are of interest to conference attendees and free from commercial content. Notification of demo acceptance will be made by February 19, 2016.


  • The demonstration description will be published in the (non-archived) USB proceedings and Haptics Symposium digest, which are distributed to conference attendees.

Demonstration Details

  • Demo authors are assigned certain demo sessions in which they must be near their demo to engage in interactive discussions with other conference attendees.
  • Demonstration authors are encouraged to bring a poster to accompany their demo.
  • Each demonstration will be assigned a space at the conference. The space will include a table, chairs, electrical power, and poster board.


Each demo will be allocated a space that includes a 72" by 30" (183 cm by 76 cm) table, two chairs, one six-outlet power strip, and a 8' by 4' (2.4 m by 1.2 m) board for mounting a poster. Demo presenters are invited to set up their demos on Friday, April 8 after 7:00 p.m. Demos should be removed by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 11.